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Mark Woods is the multi-talented owner /proprietor of Edge Composites, a small business enterprise he has successfully developed by being able to combine his extensive skills in composite production with his lifetime passion for Motorcycles and Motorcycle Track Racing.​

Edge Composites  The Story so far

Mark can boast over 40 years of experience as a Composite Engineer, starting his career in the industry at age 16 with an apprenticeship as a Prototype Patternmaker for his local Commercial Aerodynamic supplier, Hatcher Components where he lived in Framlingham,


Suffolk.  But it is his love of motorcycles that motivates Mark most and this dates back to an even younger age, when he first rode a Grasstrack Bike at age 8 years old,  after his neighbours enticed him to try the sport. 


Following many years of racing successfully in Youth Grasstrack, including securing the title of Youth Grasstrack British Champion at age 11 in 1978, Mark diversified and enjoyed racing Speedway with Ipswich Witches in their reserve squad in the 80’s, as well as  many years competing in Adult Grasstrack, reaching the Masters on a few occasions and having the privilege of racing against Simon Wigg, who was, and still is one of the major influences on some of Mark's more radical concepts and products.​​​​​​​​​​​​


 Combining his work skills as a prototype patternmaker with his passion for racing naturally led to involvement in supply of race parts for Speedway and Grasstrack initially in fibre glass.​Mark has also benefited from industry based association with fleet manager for Eddie Stobart, during a period where he supplied Commercial Aerodynamic Kits for a range of trucks used by the haulage giant.​


His knowledge of motorsport disciplines has also been further expanded by his past connections with Wizard Motorsport who ran rally cars; and Anderson CSK Kart Supplier, whom he provided both design, prototype development and products for.​


It was 2003 that marked the change to move towards more exploration of use of carbon fibre when Mark was approached by Carl Bloomefelt and Tony Rickardsson and asked to collaborate with them to produce seat bases, rear seat brackets, fuel tank clips and exhaust p-clips.​This was also the start of the relationship with Curtis Concept Design, where  combined efforts saw an important connection with SGP, and key people such as John Postlethwaite, Paul Bellamy and Torben Olsen, where the iconic Sky Bike was supplied for display at the Cardiff event in 2005 followed by the Fiat Vans livery the following year.​


Around this time products were being produced from an Oxfordshire base working alongside the Metisse Motorcycle production workshop.​


Following a move to Norfolk in 2006 work continued to develop a more extensive range of carbon products and the fairing concepts, with key aims to provide weight saving and more diverse and innovative aesthetic choices for Speedway, Grasstrack and Longtrack riders to use.​


Mark then grasped the opportunity to spend a period of contracting for Caterham F1 team where he further enhanced his composite knowledge in the fast paced and highly competitive F1 industry. 


Mark then spent a year with his family living in the Northern Territory of Australia, where he was an enthusiastic spectator at many types of motorsport events run in the area, such a the Camfari , Moto X, Sprint Races and the awesome V8 race series.  And of course he owned an off road motorcycle himself to go exploring on during his stay!​


Mark returned to the UK in 2013 with renewed energy to refocus, renew and rebrand his products into the now well recognised  Edge Composite brand . Edge forged renewed links with SGP and supplied the display bike at Cardiff for IMG and as now enjoys beneficial connections with a number of key European suppliers in Poland, Denmark and Sweden. 


Edge products can consistently be seen in use on a number of SGP riders machines and Edge is an Official Supplier for GB Speedway Team. Mark worked as part of Poultec Engineering Centre where he played a key role in supporting the Speedway Apprenticeship and SGP Speedway Academy at Cardiff until he devoted his efforts to Edge Composites full time from 2020.​


The last 3 years have been a most exciting phase for Edge, Mark has focused on setting up a one stop shop for racing developments in his own workshop in Norfolk. With targeted investment in  equipment to be able to extend further into carbon fibre production which includes a  curing oven, vac pump, use of prepreg materials and also a lathe, mill and mini CNC maching, Mark is continually looking at how to improve his brand, products and facilities , always with rider needs in mind.


Over the last 3 years he has worked with Chris Harris and  his sponsor Shaun Harvey, and also has exciting connections with Youth riders such as Jake Mulford, Cooper Rushen and Alfie Shipp to keep a fresh perspective on what upcoming talent needs to be successful. Mark prides himself on his quality, with all Edge Composites Products being hand crafted in the UK.​


Of course there are times where feedback and success of some of the products Mark has developed has been variable and while this poses challenges, Mark very much see it part of what it takes to continually develop ideas into prototype parts, and something Edge feels proud to be a market leader and to specialise in. 


While Mark wants Edge to get recognition for being linked to innovation and progression of new ideas it is equally important to him to proudly provide for classic or retro racers, as he himself appreciate nothing better than a classic bike racing in all its glory! Many of Edge Composites carbon fibre parts can be successfully adapted for use on most motorcycles and Mark has a dedicated range of moulds used specifically for the more classic Grasstrack or Speedway look. 


The Edge story so far has taken Mark on a fantastic journey where he has had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with hugely reputed and influential riders, and it is the continued passion he sees in current and youth riders that inspires Mark to continue to offer his expertise and services to Track Racing.​ 


Mark's motivation is to keep focus on working hard to give riders weight saving options by using  Edge carbon fibre products, and also provide a facility where riders can visit for individual design, development and bike fitting.​


Mark wants Edge Composites to be the brand  riders go to to be assured they are getting top quality, hand crafted prodcuts, created and prodcued in a dedicated facility that knows and understand the needs of Track Racing and the bikes riders choose to use.  


Whether you are a professional Speedway rider, a veteran classic Grasstrack rider, or youth rider starting out, Mark will have something at Edge Composites to meet you and your bike's needs and requirements!!

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